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Baduk/Go Game Stone Pieces


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Baduk/Go game stone pieces. Comes with 150 standard size black pieces, and 150 standard size white pieces. Made In Korea.

Go (weiqi in Chinese, igo in Japanese baduk in Korean), is an ancient board game for two players that originated in China more than 2,000 years ago. The game is noted for being rich in strategy despite its relatively simple rules.The game is played by two players who alternately place black and white stones on the vacant intersections (called "points") of a grid of 19×19 lines (beginners often play on smaller 9×9 and 13×13 boards). The object of the game is to use one's stones to surround a larger portion of the board than the opponent. Once placed on the board, stones can only be moved if they are captured. When a game concludes, the controlled points (territory) are counted along with captured stones to determine who has more points. Games may also be lost by resignation

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Badook Game Stone Pieces


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